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garlic problem


By Racheal

London, United Kingdom Gb

Help!!! my garlic leaves have developed strange rust coloured patches. These are bumpy to the touch but i can't see any insects. What is this? Will it affect the bulb beneath? My first time growing garlic and I thought I was doing well until this appeared. Any organic solutions? Cheers Racheal



it sounds like the fungal infection called rust. you should be able to find a fungicide at the gc to treat it. hopefully someone will be bale to give you better advice.

21 May, 2009


Grow Your Own Veg - Carol Klein
suggests mould or rust occurs during long wet spells, any badly affected bulbs should be thrown away or burnt immediately.
The shock of that I am unsure i could do that!
It is my 1st year too and unsure when to stop watering and harvest..I am just following the book.
The book suggests late spring to early summer, mostly are late summer, plants are ready to harvest when the stems begin to yellow and bend over.

No one told me this gardening was going to be such a learning curve...I am sure in years to come it will come naturally to us with the advise of experts on GYO.
Mrs melon x

21 May, 2009


i'm still on a learning curve:o) whenever i buy a new [to me] plant i have to find out how to care for it. I've been in and around plants for over 40yrs and i am still learning lots of things.

22 May, 2009

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