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ive moved into a new property last year and i have an eighty foot long beech hedge which has been left to grow uncontrolled. I topped 7 foot of one section of it last year and would now like to cut the rest of the hedge to the same shape/ size. My question is if i do it during the next two months july/august will i damage or worse still shock or kill the beech hedge. ?



Best time is to wait till October and prune it then. Pruning it will help the Beech keep its leaves, an attractive part of the hedge and to keep privacy. It will also be easier to see where to cut. Cutting it within the next 2 months could mean that infection seeps in and kills the hedge, it bleeds sap, again killing it and it is difficult for you to see clearly where to prune.

28 Jun, 2012


its a good idea when you do it to run some thick string level at the hight you want and then cut down to it . obviously use a level and move the string as if its to long it will sag .

28 Jun, 2012


Thanks for that i will wait untill october and cut it then. Can i cut all three sides at the same time as the hedge is in the middle part of my garden ?

28 Jun, 2012


ofcourse you can no problem . it would probably be alright trimming it now but its not worth the risk realy .

28 Jun, 2012

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