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How long do tiny begonia plugs take to reach flowering?

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These little plugs have just arrived in the post from Thompson and Morgan. When I opened the package I found some of the leaves were broken off because the postman put it through the letterbox and it hit the floor with a 'bonk'! But I've potted them up and they seem to be recovering. I could have bought some begonias from a garden centre, which are available about now and a lot bigger. Would anyone know how many weeks of nurturing these I must do before they can be capable of flowering? They look a long way off at the moment.




it depends on which begonia variety it is, but i would expect tham to be ok within 4-6 weeks.

21 May, 2009


They appear to have a good root system, so if potted up into a good compost should quickly make new growth. Good luck! Post us a picture when in flower and let us know how long they took.

21 May, 2009

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