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could you advice me on different names of hardy plants i think thats what they are called stuff that comes up each year and does not have to be taken in during the winter nice bright colours that dont grow to big or busy either bulbs plants or small bues we want a constant colour all through the year thank you
ann bacciocchi



Hello - welcome to GOY! Here are some ideas for you. All this list are hardy and would not need digging up each year. Hardy Geraniums, some for sun and some for shady corners,(They are not the ones you buy and plant in tubs, those are really called 'Pelargoniums'). Campanulas of varying types, Aquilegia - you can buy lots of colours, Centaurea montana both white and blue, Erigerons, Crocosmia, smaller Asters for the autumn, shorter Heleniums, Echinacea, Rudbeckia (Goldsturm is a lovely one), Coreopsis, Phlox, Dianthus, Gaillardia, Kniphofia (Red-hot pokers but they come in cream/yellow/orange as well) For ground cover in shade, Vincas and Lamium and if you have sunny areas, low-growing plants - Helianthemum in various colours, Alyssum saxatile, Iberis semperflorens, Phlox subulata and Aubrieta. I reckon that's a long enough list for you to be going on with. That lot would give you plenty of colour - for spring you'd need to pop in bulbs like crocus, snowdrops, Iris reticulata and miniature daffodils. Good luck - happy planning!

29 Apr, 2008


Hardy perennials, get some good books so that you can identify the good list that Spitzhenry has suggested.

30 Apr, 2008


...... or use the internet.
I find the BBC website a useful starting point
and a Google search a good supplement.

30 Apr, 2008

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