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Hello, I asked this question earlier in the year but couldnt get an informed answer, its a real puzzler,. Could you take a look at the photo,s of my apple tree. This is what happens.The tree lies dormant all winter, I wash it with a tree wash in Feb,its in good ground surrounded by herbs that grow like mad. In spring it
it bursts into life and is covered in blossom, the bees gather all over it, then about two weeks later it turns as shown in the photographs 2and 3.I prune off the affected part and all is well, it grows through the summer, no fruits, then in the autumn it goes as shown in photo 1. I am no expert but this seems strange to me. The following spring it happens again, this has happened two years running. Has anybody got ny ideas.I treat for pests and fungus as normal.If anybody has any ideas i would be chuffed as this is baffling me. I have only had fruit in one year

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Hi Alan, could it be that the tree is only strong enough to support the lower cordon trained branches? As yet it is only a small tree, if I were you, I would prune the lateral branches by a third in the winter, you may find next spring the tree can cope with supporting the upward growth then.

29 Jun, 2012


Thanks for your answer.Good thinking, its only been with me three years. I may try that this winter

29 Jun, 2012


Just been thinking about this, another way round would be to remove half the blossoms from the lower branches, the tree maybe then could cope with producing fruits higher up. Even fully mature trees drop apples during June, to consentrate on producing fewer larger and stronger fruit.

29 Jun, 2012


I have 5 pear and 5 apple, all on dwarfing root stock Alan. In a border, similar to yours. The most consistent producers are 3 massive old Pyramid apples. They have thick trunks. The smaller trees in the border with thin main trunks have been taken out and replaced times over. I should think Janey is on the right track. Some unions and rootstocks are not up for what we want from them. The none productive ones make a good clematis supports. You get a few apples as well!!!!!

30 Jun, 2012

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