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hi all, dont know if ive already asked this as cant find latest question i asked..sorry got chemo head from treatment for breast cancer..but im doing fine. my question is, i want to have a go at raising lupins from the ones growing in my garden,can anyone give me some advice on the best method to do this.thanks.



Hello Appleblossomgal, you can either split the plant in the Autumn or early next spring to make more, or leave the dead heads on, these will swell and form pods like peas. When they are dry, take out the dried seeds and sow in the autumn in pots.....ready to plant out next spring.

Good luck with your treatment, my husband is recovering from high dose chemo, and like you doing well...:0).
Take care.

29 Jun, 2012


hope treatment is not too aggressive for you. I find in the spring you can take cuttings of young shoots and pot up in compost. or you can sow seed in February if you dont feel up to it in the autumn.

29 Jun, 2012


thank u for all ur useful advice..i will definatly give it a go as i luv lupins.thanks to for cancer doing ok..good days&bad as u must know...but while ive got my garden and the flippin rain holdsoff long enuf i will be ok.thanks again x

5 Jul, 2012

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