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I have been looking at Dr D G Hessayon book on veg and the book tells you to apply crop saver to numerous problems what is crop saver? It sounds like some sort universal insecticide spray and general cure for most veg problems



Never heard of the person or the spray, but I have read about this particular product that would meet the needs of all organic environment friendly growers that will do the same job as I would guess crop saver does....

It would be a product I would try for a season if I had problems with my vegetable crops.

29 Jun, 2012


Dr D G Hessayon is the author of the range of gardening expert books which have been out for years.Will have a look at the link sounds good.

29 Jun, 2012


Must admit I am not a good book reader. Many years ago I adopted the "listen to the older growers" methods, and then adapted them and tried different things to suit my own needs.
I think I once had a Marks and Spencers guide to veg growing book :)

29 Jun, 2012


ive heard of crop saver but cant remember what it was about as it was so long ago but hessayan books are recommended he can give out a lot of useful info

30 Jun, 2012


DR DG Hessayon is ok as a point of referance but is a bit dated now its ok as a guide but read other forums to see what other people say most old timers do quote him but the advice is limited as for crop saver it is no longer like many other items from a few years back available but there is another product from westland its called plant recue and covers most garden pests and i find it does the job give it a try

27 Jun, 2013

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