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whats going wrong with my plants??
1st pic is strawberry plant
2nd pic is chinese money plant

Dsc02818 Dsc02819



Looks like powdery mildew on your strawberry, but I don't know about the money plant, sorry! The powdery mildew is a fungus so look in the GC for a fungus fighting chemical and give it a spray. Make sure you use one that is 'safe' for edibles. Caused by dry conditions and poor air circulation they say...but seems to thrive in my very damp garden this year!!

30 Jun, 2012


The strawberry looks like it has white fly, as those might be the casts of the white fly, though these are normally UNDER the leaves. Do white fly fly up when you brush the plants?
It's definitely an insect infestation of some kind, which is probably what is also affecting the chinese money plant.
If it IS white fly, then I find the sticky yellow plastic cards hung over the plants is one of the best way of controlling them.

30 Jun, 2012

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