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By Rozz12

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Help!...I have red ants taking over my lawn; have tried the powder without success!
Does anyone know the answer please?



I live in Spain,but we get lots of the little blighters,and i found the powders were useless! they simply move on to a different area.However, Mr Titchmarsh recommends blasting them with a hose ( I use full power)
If you do this, make sure you hit the nests and drown the eggs. A lawn will be difficult, but you could poor boiling water over the raised areas, i find this works very well.
good luck! Lynda

30 Jun, 2012


Thanks Lynda!....dreadful things aren't they!
I will try your tips & also try & get the 'nipon'? (supposed to work).
take care!

(very appropriate, don't you think?)

30 Jun, 2012


Ah yes!! I have been plagued with ants in the past - in my fruit cage and in veg beds - they seem to love it under the mypex - I strip it back ready to plant and there are mountains of the little critters!
You need to get some Black Peppermint - i don't know the latin, but it is the form that has very purple/red stems, and a purple/black/green leaf - if that doesn't sound confusing! It grows like - well mint - so put it in a large bucket, or a bed where it cannot escape! When established - take 4-5 stems, leaves and all and break them up in a bucket or watering can that is full of water. Leave for 4-7 days, then water on the area with the ants - you can do this quite sparingly - they don't have to get soaked - but they do hate the smell - they will start packing up immediately and move their nests elsewhere. Obviously in a lawned area you may need to sprinkle a wide area till they get the idea and go off somewhere else! So if you know anyone with a stand of black peppermint i should swap them a bottle of wine for cutting the whole lot down - and take a clump home for future use! Good luck, jo

30 Jun, 2012


I have just answered a similar question a few questions back where somebody has got trouble with ants in their lawn...I said I used baking powder...the ants eat it and explode!!!!!!...btw baking powder is also good for killing slugs...they explode as well !!!!!.

30 Jun, 2012


Thanks Jo & Rogi, for your help; will look into anything that will save my sanity! Awful things, red ants!!!

1 Jul, 2012


WOW!!!!! What a brill idea with the baking powder! Love to know how you thought of that! Treminator, here i come!

1 Jul, 2012

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