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I just moved into a new house and these are on both sides of my entrance. Cannot seem to find what they are and why they are so crispy brown. They look awful and are overtaking the rest of the flowers around them. Would love to know what they are and care instructions. UPDATE- Here is a better photo. Are the ones to the left also irises? The leaves on the ones browning just seem so much more dense and large than the ones currently blooming. If they are irises, is it normal for the leaves to yellow while they are about to bloom?




They could be Irises which have finished flowering(?). If so, you could dig them out and keep the tubers dry before replanting elsewhere.

30 Jun, 2012


They could well be irises, as Sheilabub says - but its not easy to tell from the picture. Any chance of an additional photograph, showing the whole plant?

30 Jun, 2012


That's a better pic, Hummel. The leaves on the left look different from those on the right, and the flowers look like Day Lilies, not Irises!

Was there a flower on the RH patch?

30 Jun, 2012


They all look like Daylilies to me. Perhaps the browning is last years foliage - try cutting it out. Also it might be a very dry border - although they thrive in the sun it might be worth giving them a balanced feed and a good soaking. Of course if you were in the Uk - I would recommend less rain and more sunshine!! We're all getting webbed feet this (so-called) summer!

30 Jun, 2012


Ones on the left as suggested are daylillies, the plant on the right with browning leave looks like iris germanica.The browning may be due to the plant having outgrown its space and splitting it may help.

30 Jun, 2012

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