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if anyone who knows me knows i had puppy sharpei over xmas and kept 2 males called dougle and humbug as i hate xmas lol .ive uploaded some films of them from very young up to now at 6 months there as big as there mum . theres lots of my art and garden etc to if anyone is interested and my other dogs as i have 6 dogs now lol . i have had them all neuterd so know more puppies . i couldnt be a breeder as you have to be a bit heartless but the only way to aford 2 sharpei and get them all desexed was to breed them . i hope you enjoy the pups and any other films of mine and faverites ive collected over the years that are funny,amazing , awsome etc . if you just write in nosey potter on the search bar on utube youl find the films . a lot of people dont use utube but its a brilliant tool if nothing else . you can ask say "how do i prune a cherry tree" threw to "how do i change the oil on a ford mondao turbo diesal"and you can almost garuntee someone shoing you egsactly what to do . also theres some realy funny ones . it would be a good idea to have a link on this site to that site and maybe ask utube if they can do the same . theres so many clever people on here w2ith realy diverse skills lots of you could get filmed doing anything as a teacher for people to learn all over the world .a picture speaks a thousand words so imagine how many words a film with voice over ie explaining what your doing in laymens terms while you perhaps plant a bare rooted rose into the ground . you do tag words on there like my nosey potter to guide you and every garden/pet thing you do you can load up and write grows on you . it will make it brilliant but thats my opinion . ill stop running on now . i hope you enjoy bye bye .

here is a link to one of my latest filmed just the other day which will take you onto all my others .

Merkin_in_the_sun_june_2012_005 Rtgergws Skull_head284



heres a link of when the pups were very young and realy wrinkly .

just paste the link into your search engine bye copying and pasting it .

2 Jul, 2012


the top picture is my staffy + american bulldog that looks just like a pit bull but she has the sweetest nature . anyway all mistakes that dogs make are peoples fault . i wouldnt have her agressive and put a lot of work into her when she was 7 weeks onwards and socialised her a lot . i hate dog fighting it realy annoys me and she is proof of this . she ways about 7 stone ish and im dissabled and i walk her with my springer and pug at the same time and i have a walking stick . she could easily pull me over on her own . then when im rested after a while i walk the 3 sharpeis which are also aparently bred for fighting and considering 4 of my dogs are male and 2 of those are the sharpei boys at there naughty teens . if i can do it anyone can . youl see what great natures they all have if your interested .

2 Jul, 2012


Leigh your dogs are all loved......people who breed and encourage them to fight can't love them......

Did you make Ellie I don't think I,ve seen her before.....

2 Jul, 2012


Leigh sounds a great Idea I use you tube a lot we went to see Bruce Springsteen at Manchester and since we have been looking at videos of the event also its a great learning tool I used to teach IT and they is so much information on there that helps students love your dogs we took an 2 year old rescue dog on a year ago and have had the rspca and a dog trainer help us with his behaviour problems and we have used you tube to learn some training methods with him.

2 Jul, 2012


i love my dogs but i am the boss and the dominant one as that is the key to them behaving or not . in a dogs world your either a leader or a follower . if your a follower you can get all sorts of different variants on bad behavier . if your a leader then there baklanced and look up to you . i dont have my dogs protecting me . i protect them and in doing so they will protect there leader if needed . if you have know dominance and want your dog to protect you then they do that when ever they feal they want to which is downright dangerouse with any dog bigger than a spanial and smaller dogs .merkin the picture you see above hasnt got an ounze of fat on her .she is about as tall as a bitch alsation and built like the preverbial brick s%$& house . her tail hurts if she wags it on ya bare leg . ive had these white bleeched bones knocking about for years only getting thrown away when they get worn down to a small size . ive had a 14-15 stone st burnard and a french mastif a bit lighter but with a huge mouth and head and never had them broken in half untill i got merkin at half the weight and more than one . they sell these dogs to young lads who actualy think its cool to have an agressive dog that pulls them down the road . its an accident wating to happen . what annoys me the most is the owner hardly gets in any trouble for agressive hahaviour but the poar dog gets destroyed . it realy annoys me . apparently because my merkin who has a sweet nature can get destroyed for being a pit bull type because of idiots like that ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .yes i did do the elephant pamg with a lot of help from my then partner who did any heavy lifting . thats on utube actualy . if you put in concrete elephant and nosey potter youl go strate to it . glad you like my dogs . i couldnt pick 6 humans that give me unconditional love and that i trust 100% and that love me . probably know wear near lol xx .steveg its great you rescued a dog i take my hat of to you . ive had dogs or my mum has all my 51 years and i totaly indorse a mexican bloke on tv called cesar millan the dog whisperer . ive become a far far better dog handler and far better at husbandry since i watched him . im not blowing my own trumpet but if i wasnt disabled i couild be a realy good trainer . ive sorted out quit a few dogs . for instance i was walking my dog down the town bye the river and sore a 9 month old labradore excuse my spelling going apserlutly garraty pulling and knocking there cups of tea over the lot . it was friendly but way over the top behaviour . my dog was calm but i senced he didnt like all this livleyness . i sat him with his back to the lab and he calmed down. the lab was nearly pulling the lady out of her seat . anyway i proseeded round the corner once my dog was calm again . anyway a little while later the young lady got someone to hold her dog and tapped me on the shoulder and asked for a card which i didbnt understand untill she said she thaught i was a professional dog trainer . i said im not a trainer and told them the dog whisperer thing etc . she went on to say she had a few trainers who said they cant do anything with the dog and perhaps it should be on a farm . i said do youy want a little help . she said yes pleaase . i took her dog and my dog r5ound the block about a 1000 yards . hard to tell but not far , just round the block . part of which she couldnt see me . when i got back to her i had her lab calmly walking just behind me and i just had his lead tucked in my pocket . she was amazed but its not magic , its just to do with dominance .anyway ive run on enough take care bye for now .

2 Jul, 2012


Leigh, you sound as if you are the dog whisperer, its understanding the mind of an animal as you say, same with horses and ponies, the times I,ve seen people chasing them...dogs and ponies....does no good they think its fun!.....I just called mine, gave them a treat, all quiet and calm.

2 Jul, 2012


Our rescue dog Joey came to us a year ago today with a big bag of problems we have had to totally start from scratch after the abuse his previous owners had done to him (hope to meet the b*****ds one day) we have used the clicker and rewards method and so far so good we are about 70% there with the help from our dog trainer that the RSPCA recommended and has helped to fund. Leigh why don’t you help at your local dog rescue centre with rescue dogs for a couple hours a week I am sure that they would welcome you with your skills with dogs. Alpha males I agree with this as dogs are essentially pack animals and they is a dominant male.

2 Jul, 2012


dogs dont think in the past they think in the now . calm aND ASSERTIVE is not a terrible way to deal with lots of things in life . it is a lifestyle with your dogs that must be . dogs want to fit in there nieche somewear bellow you . if you dont show them direction then they try to lead you in there way .i wont have other dogs as i have enough trouble walking my 6 dogs so it wouldnt be fare . i have thaught about going to the local rescue place and help them there . you should get the dog you need not the dog you want also choose with your head not your heart .i see it like privates in the army . the cant function if theres know sargent . thow there are different natures and kinds of privates but as soon as the sarge sais attention whatever there nature ,.

2 Jul, 2012


Very interesting Nosey. Off to look at your You tube stuff now.

2 Jul, 2012



3 Jul, 2012

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