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How do I create a larger area of bluebells in my garden.


By Tinah

Berks, United Kingdom Gb

I have a small area of bluebells in the garden which my son would like to increase. I have no idea whether it's possible to extract and re-plant the seeds next year to increase the volume and would welcome advice as to what process I would need to follow to ensure this.

On plant Sorry. Only know them as Bluebells. I have no gardening experience!



I have never had the problem of not having enough bluebells! Don't know if its just me, but I simply leave them and next year there are three times as many - I've been digging them up this year because they have become really invasive! Sorry - this probably doesn't help much, but if you haven't had the patch for long, maybe you'll find they increase on their own volition.

24 May, 2009


Hi Tinah I wouldn't go to the effort of harvesting the seed just let it fall and do its own thing. The actual bulbs will multiply too and in a few years you may find yourself in Tosh's position of digging up and removing.

24 May, 2009


~bluebells en masse are gorgeous~the only thing I would do is to remove any weeds etc which will compete for light nourishment etc~otherwise they will increase year on year.
Apparently this year has been so good because of lots of rain early on and then sunshine when the shoots were forming.
See info re a survey below
A Bluebell is a true British plant nearly half the bluebells of the world grows in Britain. There is a native Spanish bluebell similar to our British bluebell as well as the Spanish bluebell there is also a hybrid.

A bluebell grows from a bulb is best planted in the autumn or in the green after the bulb has flowered in end of May June time. They grow well on the chalk soil around where I live and also on the clay soil of my childhood home. Growing well under trees.
Be warned it is illegal to dig up bluebells in the wild to plant in your garden. Bluebell bulbs are available from garden centres and nurseries.

If you have bluebells in your garden check that they are our native bluebell and not that foreign Spanish one. The Spanish bluebell is causing a problem in our green and pleasant land it is slowly taking over. If it is the Spanish one destroy it and replace with a British one there is a website where there is an address you can send for a free guide there is a description of the differences at l-history/survey-bluebells
There is a national survey of bluebell species going on at the moment finishes 30th June but already a lot of the bluebell flowers are finishing , if you wish to get involved in this survey go to -history/survey-bluebells

26 May, 2009


I would consider increasing the humus content of the soil, without adding anything too nutrient rich. I would agree that the best way to increase a bluebell colony is by the bulbs and not by the seeds. I would try to evolve a soil which is favourable to them, and remove any vegetation which is competing unfavourably with them if there is any. Having said that, there are wildflowers which make harmonious companions.

26 May, 2009

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