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I have bought a David Austin rose in poor condition for half price and intend giving it some TLC and hopefully it will turn out to be a bargain. It has been cut back hard and has a few small leaves with mildew (I can here the cries of 'why did you buy it? ' ringing in my ears) I have sprayed it with Bio Multi Rose which claims to cure mildew, how long should it be before I see the mildew clear up and is there a better mildew cure on the market? I am not putting it in my garden yet to safeguard my other roses but with this damp weather I fear they might develop mildew of their own accord anyway so preventative tips as well as cures are welcome.



Hi there! Not too good on roses iam afraid,but am very interested in your dogs! Am planning to adopt a greyhound or lurcher myself, any tips i would be most greatfull. Lynda

2 Jul, 2012


I have given you an idea on your other post PottyS.

2 Jul, 2012


I bought two end of season roses, 3 years ago, one I gave to my brother-in-law and the other I kept. I have had no problem with it (and neither did he) and it flowers just as well as the other roses I have.

I wouldn't worry about the mildew. Keep the plant away from your other roses, cut back by a third in autumn and again when it starts growing next year and it will grow away as normal.

2 Jul, 2012


Best of luck with your new rose, am sure it will thrive :) x

2 Jul, 2012


DA roses are (generally) disease free. What variety did you get?

The mildew is probably due to the weather - DAMP!

Dig it in where you want it and see how it goes. As you have given it some treatment it should pose no threat to others.

Lynda - I have a Whippet who is as mad as a March hare... But like greyhounds is a loving and friendly dog.

3 Jul, 2012


Thanks for all your advice, unfortunately, Phs, there is not enough left on it to cut back! There are the three strong original shoots, cut back to about 7 " and each of these has one thin 4 inch-ish side shoot with evidence of others pruned away recently, I shall count it as having lost one third this year already and cut it back in the spring, as you advise. I may as well plant it in the garden as the damp will no doubt encourage mildew on everything else without me worrying this plant will spread it. Lyndaarnott I will contact you re greyhounds :)

4 Jul, 2012

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