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I have an "alien" Wisteria. Planted it 20 years ago as a vine for privacy on our pool trellis and fence. At the time not knowing anything at all about wisteria and how the spread and take over. We planted 5 on various spots around the pool fence. They have almost uprooted the fence and the trunks now are close to 3 inches round, and we've tried everything to try and get rid of them, as they are growing up nearby trees and into my yard. We've pruned down to the ground at various stages, but alas they come back bigger and stronger and we call it our Alien Vine. Any suggestions on trying to get rid of these? They are white with purple tips. It would have been fine if we had just bought ONE, but we didn't and just would love to get some of our yard and fence back! Thanks for any suggestions.



I think you should cut them right down again, but this time, use brushwood killer on the stumps - or get a stump grinder to remove them. Good luck!

3 Jul, 2012


Thanks Spritzhenry, we'll have to try that again, maybe in the early fall when it's not so thick. I take it I can find brush wood killer probably at a garden center? I'll let you know if this solves the problem with my Wisterias.

5 Jul, 2012

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