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8ft wall


By Twyford

United Kingdom Gb

thank you all for your information, (I did enjoy the banter between mookins and bulbaholic keep it up my friends) my wall is facing west-south west, what would be your opinion on coenorthus (blue flowers) would that grow quick? also, a white liliac tree? I am hoping to put photos on very soon,



There are Ceanothus which would cover the wall and Lilac would enjoy the postition too. That aspect gives you an almost unlimited choice though. Lilac is a bit boring the rest of the year, so plant a later flowering Clematis with it, one of the C.viticella or texensis types would look nice for August onward colour. Easy to maintain, you just cut them to the ground in February and pull away the old dead growth.
Pity you cannot fasten wires to the wall, then you could grow Campsis radicans, or Fremontodendron or even a Passiflora(Passionflower) with no trouble. We have a Akebia quinata in a similar sort of position (Chocolate vine) mixed with Clematis.
Even more exciting would be Rosa banksii, double yellow flowers and wonderfully scented and needing a warm wall. Would grow that one myself and I detest roses.

25 May, 2009

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