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Colours available of perennial osteospermums?

West Somerset, England Eng

Can anyone enlighten me as to the range of colours available of perennial osteospermums please? In my garden we inherited a whole lot, but all one colour (pale pink / white) and I can only find much the same in the nurseries I've tried. The RHS plantfinder doesn't really help with colours except to say where you can buy plants. The bedding types come in such wonderful colours, don't they!

On plant Osteospermum jucundum




There are a couple of much darker ones available try the plant finder,there are also more colours but they are not hardy.

9 Jul, 2007


Hi there Sprizthenry, my trusty set of plant tomes tell me that they come in shades of bluey-purple, pink, white and yellow. Osteospermum 'Whirlygig' is the most fantastic looking thing - the species name jucundum only appears next to a pink variety. Hope this helps.

9 Jul, 2007


Yes it does, joey, thanks. I'd come to the conclusion that jucundum ones are pink, and I think that's the one I have - so now I need to look at others in the plant finder that have different names! I don't really like the 'Whirlygig' one - personal preference, I suppose.

Thanks also Wyeboy - I have got really confused with the Plantfinder, it doesn't say whether the plants listed are perennials. Do I assume that they all are in there? or are they perennials but not hardy? I can't cope with digging them up and overwintering in the greenhouse. What a confused person I am! I still need recommended named varieties, I think.

9 Jul, 2007

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