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What to do with crocuses and other spring flowering bulbs when they finish flowering?

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Should I cut the leaves off? Should I lift all the bulbs? Could someone tell me how to store them? What if the (Hyacints?) I have in my flower bed still have the foliage on?



Don't do anything, let the leaves die down naturally and return food to the bulbs. If they are in pots then you may empty them out and store dry in a cool dark spot to replant in Autumn. If they are in the soil then leave them there to regrow next year.

25 May, 2009


Just follow Owdboggy's advice and leave them be. OVer the past weekend B and I un-potted approx 100 pots of crocus which are now sitting in the 'bulb' fridge in the potting shed. We will repot them over the next couple of weeks and then leave them alone until the beginning of September when they will get a good soaking.

25 May, 2009


whats that horrible thick cobwebs and caterpillars on the hedges eating everything as it could spread easy

25 May, 2009


Thank you everybody :-)

25 May, 2009


Hi Paulette are you asking a question? If so you need to ask it as a new thread not as part of this one on crocuses.

25 May, 2009

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