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I have a tree with purple flowers which is taking over my garden, the more you trim it back the bigger it grows. I would like to know how to get rid of it permanent

west yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I live in Bradford, and the tree was here when I moved in.
It has been sawn off to the base of the tree but its now grown bigger, as I am a widow and disabled I want to get rid of it as I can't manage to keep trimming it back.thanks



Sounds as if it could be Syringa vulgaris (Common Lilac) Do the flowers look like this

It has a habit of suckering and just cutting it back will not stop it growing - you'll need to get the roots removed.

25 May, 2009


Or a buddleia?

25 May, 2009


I did think of that too Andrew... any chance of a photo Orchidrose?

25 May, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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