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By Teegee

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone name this plant?

The first picture is the whole plant, the second shows the postion of the flowers on the stems and the third is a closer look at the flower.

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Juncus of the water loving reeds

3 Jul, 2012


Juncus effusus ...

3 Jul, 2012


Thanks folks!

I looked it up now that I have been directed in the right direction.

It would seem that it is actually Juncus glaucus!

Glaucus has straight stems ( as my plant does) effusus has spiral stems.

So now I am much the wiser on two counts!

Thanks again...Tg

3 Jul, 2012


Juncus effusus has straight stems, Juncus effusus 'spiralis' has the twisted ones.

3 Jul, 2012


Thanks Andy

I stand corrected!

I have had another look and indeed you are correct, 'glaucus' is a tall variety with straight stems.

Now I have learned three things!

3 Jul, 2012


Thanks for identifying this. i found some in a pot at my place of work and immediately loved them. Has rain made them think they are near water?

3 Jul, 2012

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