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why has my Leycesteria died?


By Bettyd

United Kingdom Gb

This plant thrived for three years growing well and flowering beautifully. This year I have only two or three branches showing any green at all. I have cut back some dead growth and the centres are hollow and dried out. I live in a fairly wet area but it is not far from my weeping willow. Could this be my problem?

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Our Leycesteria died this winter too, or rather it hasn't come back yet. There may still be a chance of some growth from the base so I wouldn't give up until the end of June. Here we had minus 21C on a couple of days which is the explanation for us. How cold did it get where you are? Could it just be the cold and damp. It should revive if you've got some green bits.

25 May, 2009


You may find seedlings of it in your garden if your original plant dies

25 May, 2009

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