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By Wetlegs

some of the tips of the leafs on my spotted laural have turned black as if they are burnt



I lost my spotted laurel this year, it went black at the tips too. I think it was due to too much wet.....

3 Jul, 2012


I was going to draw this same thing to my fellow members or at least ask the question. I know doom and gloom again. The problem with this is that you may find the branches going black also. I had one that died and I know of another that is going the same way. According to the Internet,after much searching, it appears to be a pathogen (is that the right spelling?) of some sort. On speaking with a tree person of sorts he suggested, following what I have already tried, cutting back to clean wood. You will find new leaves grow but this is only a short term measure. At some stage it might have to come out. On the good side it might not be this so bide you time and see what happens to the branches. It does appear that it only bothers the spotted laurel.

4 Jul, 2012


Similar thing happened to my spotted laurel, for me it was too damp. It was sited in a damp area with heavy soil. It perked up a lot when resited. The dark leaves will fall off.

4 Jul, 2012


Too late for mine to be re-sited but I will definately remember they like well drained site, clay soil not being the best to plant them in especially when there is so much wet weather!! Also next doors hose being on overflow due to a fault with the tap didn't help!!!!!

4 Jul, 2012


Thank you all for your feedback

4 Jul, 2012

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