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Justicea Brandegeanum/Belperone Guttata

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What is the difference between Justicea Brandegeanum and Belperone Guttata, they are both known as shrimp plant

On plant Justicia brandegeana



They are the same plant. Beloperone guttata was renamed Justicea brandegeana a few years back.

25 May, 2009


There isn't it is exactly the same plant... this happens sometimes

25 May, 2009


I for one am confused then? why did they re-name it?

x x x

25 May, 2009


There are a few reasons why a plant may be renamed.
Firstly, recent research (especially with DNA) can link plants of the same family that were once thought not to be related.
Secondly, plants should carry the first name assigned to them after their discovery. Sometimes, an earlier name comes to light than the one in common usage during research projects. Or a plant may have been introduced several times, either by different plant hunters or because an earlier introduction failed. The plant may have been given a different name during these later introductions but the first name should still apply

25 May, 2009


ooooooooh I see,
thanks Andrewr

x x x

25 May, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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