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is there an alternative lawn plant to grass? as i have female dogs who use the lawn, and their urine stains the grass.


By Wendy_k

United Kingdom Gb

it is a small area, within which there is also a swing



i dont think there is anything you will use that will not suffer under urine. by its very nature, it is strong, acidic and at the moment of doing it, hot.

You could try taking a pot of water with you, and as the dog relieves itself you can pour water on it to cool and dilute the urine.
not sure how you would fair with camomile though.

25 May, 2009


You could try Leptonela but it wont survive your bitches peeing on it

25 May, 2009


could you try and train them to tiddle else where? maybe have a corner in which they can go

x x x

25 May, 2009


We have fake grass on one area of our garden - it looks real and many of our visitors are fooled. Our kids have their toys on this area and yep our lady dogs do 'go' in one corner but it is easy to clean off and sterilise. Its not cheap but works well - its called LazyLawn

26 May, 2009


Sounds like a good idea to me :-)

26 May, 2009

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