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pruning small trees


By Woody57

United Kingdom Gb

Hi could you please tell me the best time to prune and generally shape my Cornus Contraversa variagatta,and an Acer pulmattum?[dark red] variety,thanks for a previous answer ,and this one .jim



Welcome to GOY, Jim.
I have 'googled' Cornus Contragetta and it tells you to cut back harshly in March so it might be a bit late his year. I'm not an expert. If no other responses to your quesion try 'google'.
Good Luck

26 May, 2009


thanks jim

26 May, 2009


Hi Jim you can't prune the Acer back now as it will stress the tree but, why do you want to prune anyway? Is it too big for the space?

26 May, 2009


H i yes it was in a pot but loves its new garden location and got quite big?

26 May, 2009


You could raise the canopy but as to actually pruning back I wouldn't want to try!

26 May, 2009


The Acer Palmatum comes under group 1 pruning, where you just prune out any wayward or crossing branches to maintain a perminant healthy bush and this must be done in very late Autumn/Winter or very early Spring.

27 May, 2009


Thanks all jim

27 May, 2009

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