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Taxus Baccata


By Gclare

WILTS, United Kingdom Gb

I have a taxus Yew tree which was very healthy and had good growth, over the past year the needles are going yellow all over the tree and dropping. the tree is sited in my front garden with other small shrubs and conifers.
I also have another varigated yew (same age 14 years) which is close to the above and is doing well no problems. I have fed the tree with general balanced fertiliser but it shows no signs of improvement, could you please advise what the possible problem may be.




I have a Taxus Baccata also (a young one). I'm just wondering whether it is suffering from drought? 'Drought' to a plant is not a matter of how the weather forecasters have been describing the atmosphere, but the situation which exists at its roots, even with plants in pots. We have had a very dry spring. Coniferous type of plants cannot wilt their leaves as a way of telling us that they are too dry and are thirsting. Instead they ail with other indications, like some leaves suddenly starting to look pale and crisp. I expect some of the chlorophyl is breaking down in some of those leaves. Have you administered first aid with a hose and given it a good deep drinking? Light rain showers tend not to reach very deep past the soil surface. I am not the most experienced gardener on GOY. I'd be interested to know what the others think. Then I can learn from them too. Kind regards.

26 May, 2009


Drying winds can cause this to happen. Ensuring the tree and surrounding shrubs have enough water should help.
As Jonothanhales said give it a deep watering. Water it enough so that the water penetrates deeply into the soil.
You said you were growing your yew next to other shrubs/trees, remember they all demand and compete for water and a light rainfall just won't do the trick.
I'm no expert either, but I hope this helps.

30 May, 2009

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