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What has happened to my beautiful twisted willow?

Powys, United Kingdom Gb

I have a beautiful twisted willow which my late father raised from a cutting and I planted roughly 9 years ago. it has thrived and is now about 20ft high. This year however, not long after it had come into leaf I noticed that a lot of leaves had turned brown and wilted, almost as it it had been attacked by the frost, The leaves then shrivel and become dry. There is no pattern, as it has affected leaves at the middle and end of branches and affects all of the tree. The branches have not turned black so I don' t think it is canker. Last year I purchased a small willow which has brightly coloured stems (sorry, I can't remember what it is called!) and planted it next to the twisted willow. This is also experiencing the same problem. Could this new plant have infected the tree with something? Can I treat the problem before it's too late? This tree holds a lot of sentimental value and I would be very upset if it died. Any advise would be appreciated, thank you.



Been consulting my books and I can't believe the number of willow specific diseases/infestations it's possible to get! The closest I can find to what you describe is something called Willow anthracnose, which is apparently caused by a fungus, though how it affects the leaves is described as "leaves curl, turn yellow and fall...". Willow black canker cuases leaves to shrivel and turn black, but remain on stem. Willow scab (similar to both previous mentions) causes foliage to turn black and die, though first you get irregular spots on the young foliage, and eventually olive brown pustules on lower leaf surface and on affected stems, followed by black lesions. Perhaps a closer inspection is necessary for you to decide if any of these things are on your plants?

26 May, 2009


Have you used any sprays near it? I foolishly sprayed a stubbon Dock near the root of mine, very carefully I thought! but a lot of the leaves have gone black! I have quickly taken a heal cutting of a healthy looking branch, and put it in an isolated tub just in case it is a diseaseThey root very easily and you may have a pup if the tree does die.
If you do take a cutting stick it deep into the pot. Worth a try.

27 May, 2009

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