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By Philc1

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi. Can anyone tell me how you know when Aquilegia seeds are ripe? Also, as I don't have a greenhouse or cold frame, what's the best way of storing them until spring? Thanks in anticipation of many replies.



Aquilegia's will happily self seed all over your garden given the chance - no need for special treatment.

I'm sure someone will know when to collect the seed.

27 May, 2009


Just don't be too tidy when you are weeding! I usually work a little patch around them and shake the dead flower heads on the worked piece if they fall out easily their ready to go.

27 May, 2009


the seed head dries and splits. the seeds are slightly bigger than a pinhead and shiny balck.

27 May, 2009


i just wait till the flowers have dropped off and the remaining pod goes a grey colour and seems very dry--then i just take an envelope and i twist the pod between my fingers over the envelope and all the seeds fall in---seal envelope and stick in a drawer or seed box---i left a load of mine alone last year and they have seeded all over next doors garden---no complaints though!!!!!!!!!!!

27 May, 2009

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