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Only 3 flowers on our wisteria


By Wobbly

east yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

i only ever get at the most 3 flowers .It is full up with healthy leaves but thats about all we have had the last 3 years

On plant Wisteria sinensis



How old is it?
Might be able to give more info if the plant is quite old and established.

If it's only 3 years old then I'd say you're lucky to have any flowers at all. They can take years (8 - 10) to flower sometimes.

27 May, 2009


hi Llew the wisteria is 9 to 10years old it has flowered previously but not like the flowers you see in the pictures they are as long but lacking in flower density. I Have been pruning it as they say in the gardening books.Also as iv"e been driving around i have seen plenty of wisteria in full bloom,at the same growing height as mine but not as many leaves ?

28 May, 2009


Have you been feeding it at all? If you've been pruning it correctly and yet it's got masses of leaves and no flowers, it could be that it has too much nitrogen somehow. That can result in lush green growth but at the expense of flowers.

Wisteria prefer no fertilization, funnily enough. Even fertilizer spreading from a lawn or other plants can upset it. However, most flowers need a bit of phosphorus, so you could maybe give it just a tad of the stuff.

It could also be the way it's growing. If all going upwards that can also contribute towards less blooms. They're better trained horizontally which gives the buds more time to set and flower.

28 May, 2009


cheers Llew will give it a try.

29 May, 2009

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