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Strawberry seeds.
Is there an easy way to seperate the seed from the fruit ?
( To experiment)



the ony thing I have ever done is force the strawberries through a very fine sieve. the seeds are left behind and you have a fine strawberry pulp.
no good if you want whole fruit though.

7 Jul, 2012


If it was me, i'd cut the strawberry fruit in half then nremove most of the insides leaving just a layer of skin with the seeds on.

Put them onto kitchen paper and let them dry out in the sun or in a warm place and then sow the seeds as normal.

I grew lots of woodland and alpine strawbs from seed last year and they came up well...i can't help think that runners and/or division is a better way to go

7 Jul, 2012


Thank you for your replies. I have left my strawberry beds for far too long( about six years)
and this year must face the poor harvest. I intend to start from scratch and liked the idea of trying to grow from seed.I will look for a few young plants as well,to be on the safe side.I have never removed the old plants which I now realize was my big mistake. I used to cut off the runners but did not replant them.

If I manage to get enough seeds to germinate I will use them in a completely new bed.
Thank you Andy and Seaburn girl.

7 Jul, 2012

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