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My landscaper planted 5 limelight hydranges this summer. They are growing beautifully and the flowers are appearing. The concern is that some of the lower leaves are turning yellow and falling off. I have be faithful to water early in the a.m. Am I watering too much? The heat has been dreadful in the Chicago suburbs - high 90's and 100, no rain. My landscaper said not to fertilize. Is this correct? If I can fertilize, can I use Miracle Grow for shrubs and bushes?



Hi! Hydrangeas need lots of moisture and mine prefer shade so I doubt you are watering too much as they are very thirsty. What sort of soil conditions do you have?

7 Jul, 2012


I would say do not over water, as not as dependent on water as say Hydrangea Macrophylla and this will tolerant drought once established. I agree about not giving it fertilizer, only fertilize in early spring with a slow release one.
The leaves turning yellow are they crisp dry - perhaps its sun scorch? A photo would help in case its a nutrient deficiency, but I somehow dont think so?

8 Jul, 2012


Thank you so much.

11 Jul, 2012

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