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Does anyone recognise this plant ?

This appeared in my next door neighbour's garden this year.It is in flower now (early July) It grows to about 40 cm tall. Spread is about 30cm. The flowers are about 2.5cm in diameter. The stems are about 3 mm in diameter and I suspect it may be a perennial rather than an annual because it has a clump forming habit. I'm really hoping it is perennial because I pulled off some rooted side shoots this afternoon and I'm hoping to be able to do the same each year

The flowers remind me of cornflowers but I'm fairly certain it isn't that.

There is another photo showing more of this plant here




I think it may be a Knautia of some kind, similar to Scabious. You will probably find out more if you google it.

7 Jul, 2012


Lovely photo and agree could be Knautia Arvensis. Yours is incredibly blue and really lovely.

7 Jul, 2012


Could it be Jasione Perennis??

7 Jul, 2012


I think it is Jasione Perennis too, its the white ends which are sort of knob like, whereas the ends are more of a petal on Knautia Arvensis.

7 Jul, 2012


It's a close run thing but I think it may be the Jasione

My plant has 5cm long half centimetre leaves growing off the flowering stem almost all the way up.

Does that sound like the Jasione?

7 Jul, 2012


I think it might be Jasione laevis

Here's one on GOY

7 Jul, 2012


Definately Jasione, and yes it has little leaves up the stem.

8 Jul, 2012


Thanks everyone. Goy never fails!

8 Jul, 2012


Oh, that's lovely. I planted a tiny little Jasione last year and so far the buds haven't opened. I'm really looking forward to it now :))

8 Jul, 2012


Lovely looking plant and definitely one I hadn't heard of before. So pleased to have so many experts at the click of a button!

9 Jul, 2012


I brought a pot of these when I moved, having grown them from seed. I was amazed to find them growing along the banks on the sunny side of the road where I live. But then we have a lot of wild flowers left to their own devices here.

10 Jul, 2012

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