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Tomato Problems


By Stee41

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom Gb

Not sure if I posted this before!
starting at the bottom of the plant the leaves have become mottled, dry and a but crispy, they are starting to curl upwards, they are not overwatered and the compost never dries out, the temp is good 24 hours a day, I have sprayed with epsom salts as recommended and nipped the trusses at 5, there is fruit on every plant and they are fed with tomato food once a week then miracle grow the following week, definately no signs of pests, any help appreciated




The bottom leaves on your tomatoes are coming to the end of their useful life. Remove one or two on each plant to give the fruit a better chance of ripening evenly. Slow up on liquid feed, a weak solution is all that is needed to keep your tomatoes going. Do not let them dry out, morning watering will be best to stop your fruit splitting.

28 May, 2009


great, thanks for that!

28 May, 2009

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