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Disappointing Camellia.....:<(


By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

Three years in a pot of ericaceous compost, top dressed each year, well watered all through the summer and fed....not only are there no flowers but at this time each year the leaves turn this strange colour...i pick them off and new ones grow, any help????




Could be a shortage of magnesium. I don't know what you're feeding it with, but there are commercially available acid and feed combinations for ericaceous plants like these. Check the woody stems for scale insect - I can see white bits on the underside of one of the stems, but that might just be dust on your camera lens!

28 May, 2009


Hi Bamboo, im just going to nip out and have a look..........Miracle-gro for ericaceous plants is the new one i bought the other day, the other food i was using was for ericaceous plants also, but it was very old and maybe no longer viable...I looked at the stems but i dont see anything suspicious...Would you suggest starting the feeding now and when should i stop please?

28 May, 2009


I think the Miracle gro one is fine, from what I remember. There'll be instructions on the box as to how often to feed, in particular for permanent shrubs in pots, but I would have thought once a week max, possibly less. And start now, yes.Hope it solves the problem

28 May, 2009


Camellias really don't like being grown in pots as they prefer their roots to be cool.

28 May, 2009


Thanks Bamboo, i'll take your advice and let you know how things go...thanks again....:>)

28 May, 2009


I got this one free with a plant order on-line...its supposedly a red one, I dont really have room in the ground for it and that is why its in the pot......thanks for your comment Moon grower....

28 May, 2009


Also, can I just add, these plants much prefer rain water? (if possible?)

31 May, 2009


Thanks Craftnutter, i know they need rain water, this is the first year my butt is out of action (lol)...I havent got round to buying another one yet...

1 Jun, 2009

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