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Strawberry plantlets

Lanarkshire, Scotland Sco

My strawberry plants are doing great , there are green berries and flowers everywhere , I have just netted the bed, one concern ,a number of the plants are putting out plantlets on the end of runners they are barely a single leaf at the end of the runner as yet . When do I pot plantlets up? When do I cut it from the main plant.?



Hi Mac,
I always cut off most runners leaving just one or two on each plant to root beside the parent plant. Cut them off in October, pot up or plant out as required.

28 May, 2009


Hi Bob

Thanks, thats what I will do. I am going to make another bed next year , will I get strawberries next year of the plantlets?

28 May, 2009


Yes Mac, you should do. Start making the ground ready now digging in plenty of compost. Hope you have a good crop this year.

28 May, 2009

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