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my clematis isn't climbing why?


By Optelic

United Kingdom Gb

clematis 'H.F.Young' it's heavy with flowerson the bottom but hasn't climbed



my clematish. h f young isn't climbing why?

29 May, 2009


has it bean in the ground long enough to establish a better root stock as thats what plants do first before they grow leaves and climb

29 May, 2009


I find that most of our Clematis need to be tied up rather than expecting them to climb of their own free will. In nature to a certain extent they are scramblers over bushes rather than actual climbers.

29 May, 2009


Yes as Owdboggy says they need a host plant roses or shrubs if there is nothing for it to climb through and you think to plant a host for it, think of the pruning that the host and the clematis can be pruned the same time, much easier. H.F.Young is a group 2 clematis and should be pruned in Early Spring So you would want to plant it with something that gets pruned in early Spring. For Group 2 Clematis remove dead and damaged stems before new growth begins to shoot.

29 May, 2009


Clematis climbs by wrapping the stem of a leaf around something, and it has to be something narrow, so a wooden trellis won't cut the mustard. You can buy clematis mesh which is plastic coated wire in brown, green or white. We're all assuming here that you haven't put anything for it to climb up and that's why everything's at the bottom, but if that's not the case, then the problem will be something else.

29 May, 2009


ow cool glad im wrong i learnt something myself thanx

30 May, 2009


Some clematis' flower on last year's wood. Depends on which type it is, it'll be one of 3. Try to find out more about this particular clematis.

31 May, 2009


Hi! Just got my list, found out your H F Young is a type 2 clematis. Pruning must be done before growth begins in early spring (only dead, diseased or damaged) to the nearest strong bud. As these buds then create the framework of 2nd year shoots that produce sideshoots that will flower in late spring and early summer. The young shoots then bear further flowers later in the autumn. Hope that helps too!

31 May, 2009

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