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Could anyone please tell me what plant this is?




I think its hypericum - it seeds itself quite readily round my garden.

9 Jul, 2012


Definitely hypericum (St Johns wort). Watch it 'cos you'll have little 'uns all over the place!!

9 Jul, 2012


Harvester, do you know any Flower Arrangers? I'm sure they would be only too willing to have some of the stems cut to use in flower arrangements - especially if this shrub is needing to be cut into shape!

9 Jul, 2012


There are lots of hypericums. I think this one is androsaemum, common name tutsan. The berries are just as pretty as the flowers aren't they?

9 Jul, 2012


Hello Harvester! There are so many hypericums these days ... This particular one behaves a little like a fuscia and looks pretty dead until late spring. It is worth keeping for its later summer colour and autumn foliage and berries. I have not found it to be a particular pest (just lucky maybe?!). Cut it down in late spring when you see new shoots appearing at the base - just like a fuscia!

9 Jul, 2012


Thanks to everyone who answered my question. :)

9 Jul, 2012

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