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I am new to gardening, having just got a 2x3 metre poly tunnel and made myself a small plot outside, I am growing sweet corn in the PT, started with 6 plants got from asda, 2 died, leaving 4 which are now about 5ft high, I have read they pollenate by the wind, anything I read says about planting them in blocks etc, there not being much of a breeze inside the PT, I was considering using a hairdryer to act as the wind, has anyone ever done this, or am I mad for thinking it.



I'd go for mad :)

9 Jul, 2012


This link is about growing sweetcorn in a polytunnel:

You may already have seen it, and I don't think it specifically mentions pollination, but you might find it helpful if it's new to you.

Best of luck, anyway!

9 Jul, 2012


i have to grow my sweetcorn in the polytunnel. no you don't need wind inside. I wait until the flowers have appeared on the top, then shake the pollen down daily. never fails.

10 Jul, 2012


We do that too, 2ndhand, meanwhile joking "just popping down the garden to have sex with the sweetcorn - back for coffee soon." PS: don't stand 'downwind' when tapping - you get a faceful of pollen!

11 Jul, 2012

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