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If we get some hot still weather they will send out all the queens and they will fly away - we just need some decent weather - then they will all disappear like magic.

10 Jul, 2012


I've not seen one flying ant so far this year.

10 Jul, 2012


I dug out the compost heap yesterday. There was a big ants nest in the middle and loads of eggs and a lot of ants with wings too. No sign of any of flying activity. Took out several buckets of well rotted compost and placed in back border. The blackbirds must think it's their birthday...all those ants eggs. Wouldn't recommend it for the lawn though. As said they cease their their annoying burrowing after flight time over.

10 Jul, 2012


They are very late this year, obviously because of the weather. It'll be interesting to see if it has any knock-on effest on nest year's numbers.

10 Jul, 2012


This year I have had loads of ants nests in my lawn, somewhere I read that you should put baking powder on the nests and ants...and they explode...well they did and the ants nests have gone...BTW...try putting baking powder on slugs...they explode as well !!!!.

10 Jul, 2012


I don't think ant nests just disappear when the queens have flown. If it were true where do all the non-flying ants and eggs go? The idea of swarming, as in bees, is to spread the load not to make a colony extinct. Bumble bees and Wasps only use a nest once whilst others like ants just carry on with the old queen until she dies.
One of the solutions my mother use to use was Borax, from supermarkets or chemist. The ants take it in whereupon it absorbs moisture and everything gets glued up. Drop some Nippon into the nest holes or dust with ant powder around the holes. On a bed we are supposed to dig the nest up, spread the ant powder and bury it again. This way the ants keep coming across it when excavating. In the same way if you turn a shallow turf and dust underneath and then put it back you will still be able to cut the grass. I've used all these methods in one place or other and they all seem effective.

10 Jul, 2012

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