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I,m putting gravel down do I need a liner?

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

I live in a flat and right along the front of the flat against the wall there is a narrow band of old aggregate/gravel which was white when I moved here 20 years ago. It is now well past its sell by date. I am going to B an Q tomorrow to replace it. My question is should I put new aggregate stariht on top of it or should I remove it totally and put a liner down before the new stuff goes down? It runs the whole length of the flat so around 40 feet wide by 1 foot depth. The photo I have attached is looking at it sideways. I will be sitting pot plants on it. Thanks.




i would put a liner down to prevent weeds. if what is there already doesnt have a weed problem then you might get away with depends how hassle free you want it

30 May, 2009


you would be amazed how quickly gravel etc gets mixed up one way or the other.if your not weeding it there probably is something stopping weeds still mite need changing after this time anyway

30 May, 2009


we are in the process of laying gravel, I would say going by experience if theres gravel under the liner the chances are it may split it. we have levelled off underneath de-stoned it and then put a layer of sand then the gravel, if it deters weeds from underneath for another year for the extra hard work we did before its worth it

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oh and after wards it looks so good

30 May, 2009


spot on mookins gravel acts more like a liquid realy just slower

30 May, 2009


did you know glass is the hardest liquid.if you take a micrometer and measure a very old piece ie hundreds of years you will find its thicker at the bottom than the top and it wasnt made that way

30 May, 2009


Thanks for your replies. Im now going to buy some next weekend.

1 Jun, 2009



1 Jun, 2009

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