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Plant i.d. please.
This is a climber,and as far as i know a weed, it just appeared, this is its second year so it is not an anual. at present very happy winding itself around one of my roses, rather nice.
the flowers look like ivy flowers.
the marbling in the leaves is prob just mineral deficiency.
i want to keep it but wld like to know what i am dealing with

On plant ?




second thoughts, cld it be hop?

10 Jul, 2012


It could indeed.

10 Jul, 2012


Reminds me of ampelopsis brevipedunculata 'Elegans'. Is it twining or using tendrils to climb the roses?

10 Jul, 2012


thanks Owdboggy but i would like to think tat Andrewr has the right answer, the real hop leaves are much more serrated than on mine, and yes it also has tendrils to climb that rose. just googled it and it is a lovely plant but seems to be horribly invasive under the right circumstances...eeek, hope not here, it is very pretty and has the most beautiful coloured blue pink berries which attract all kinds of wildlife, so yess she can stay.
thanks so much Andrew
just noticed you have one in your garden too :~)

11 Jul, 2012

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