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wilting clematis


By Tonbara

sheffield, United Kingdom Gb

my clematis grew ok last year but a couple of months into growth the bottom leaves turned brown but not crispy i cut it back end of season thinking this might cure it but this year it has done the same plenty of growth and buds on it but again the bottom leaves are turning brow



Probably drought - its been very windy and this dries the soil out very quickly. Is it in a pot or somewhere too close to a fence or wall where it doesn't get enough rainwater?

30 May, 2009


I have had the same problem for the past couple of years - crispy leaves - mildew as well. This spring I put some old large flower pot crocks around the bottom of the plant and it's looking much better. I think they like cool roots.

31 May, 2009


I used to have a geranium planted around the base of my clematis and it flowered beautifully. Remember new plants need tons of water til they are settled in, usually a year.

31 May, 2009

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