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What is cobweb-like stuff on lily buds?

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Is this anything to worry about? It's not easy to remove so I hope not. Been doing daily inspections for lily beetle and had none so far, (hooray!) but I did find a little spider and wondered if she could be the making the webs. The bulbs are in pots on a table.



Some kinds of lilies do have a fine hair like covering on the flower buds. If you have a magnifying glass then you could look more closely and see if it is red spider mite, they make a fine web too.

30 May, 2009


Thanks Boggy. Red Spider Mites? They must be tiny if one needs a magifying glass.I guess from their reputation that they are destructive 'lil creatures.I'll check in the morning when I've found the m. glass.

30 May, 2009


i think it is the normal 'fur' around the buds. all mine have it too and it is normal.

30 May, 2009


Thankyou Seaburn. I've checked for red spider mits after googling to see what they look like - not red at all, until the autumn. So much to learn! Anyway, couldn't see any altho' the magnifying glass revealed lots of other critters, which I'll leave alone.
Probably as you both said - normal for lilies.

31 May, 2009


I'd agree - mine have it as well - just watch for the dreaded red peril or its nasty grubs, won't you - I found both yesterday after 10 days with none!

31 May, 2009


Yes i will Spritz. I saw one last year and didn't reailise what it was. All I thought was 'what a handsome fellow'. Then I realised that they were the reason my lillies were decimated. This year, they are in pots and 0n a table where I can inspect them daily. Talk about paranoia! I've got loads of young plants on that table 'cos I daren't plant them in the ground.

31 May, 2009

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