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I.D. Please
I cant remember the name of this clematis all we remember is that it started with an L but could be wrong?

P1050553 P1030696 P1030700



Clematis 'Lasurstern' ?
the top photo also looks like Clematis 'Multi Blue' Dawnsaunt has one if you want to compare yours.

11 Jul, 2012


Thanks for the info, I have been to look at 'Dawnsault's picture and yes it looks like it but I must add they are both the same Clematis it started off like the top picture but now it is like the bottom picture, wonder what happend :o/

11 Jul, 2012


Did you look at Clematis 'Lasurstern' ?

11 Jul, 2012


A lot of the so called double Clematis go on to produce single flowers as a second flush C. sieboldii definitely does it.

11 Jul, 2012


Yes, Drc. I did look at 'Lastursten' and now my Mum remembers the name as you have jogged her memory, she is 90yrs old so forgets a few names of plants.
Thanks Owddboggy. For your info too, tell you one thing, there being eaten alive this year + black fly are a pain Grrr! :o( xx Jackie xx :o)

14 Jul, 2012



14 Jul, 2012

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