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name these seedlings


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I posted a question the other day but was only able to add pics recently, not sure how far peeps go back to look at questions so shall ask again as Im dying to know what they are.

I thought these were going to be Lobelia Rainbow cascade, they are the only two surviving seeds from a packet I planted a while ago. Now these two darlings are about 20cms high and the other about 30cms high. they have now started to make little tiny buds at the top. Presuming that cascade still means going over or something similar is this them... I had a couple of replys but no other names mentioned,
polite answers are much appreciated thanks peeps

x x x




i hate to say this mookins but they look like weed seedlings from the compost. they look a bit like Capsella, or Shepards purse, a wild flower/british native/weed. did you plant wild flower mix?
they could also be fat hen dont know its latin name.

30 May, 2009


The leaves don't look right for Lobelia, Mookins....I can't think what they could be...Z-I (puzzled frown!)

30 May, 2009


they look a bit like that sticky weed thing

30 May, 2009


i've googled fat hen weed, take a look and see if its a match. its not capsella the leaf is wrong.

30 May, 2009


Is it not a Campanula Checkle Chaukle which I cannot find in the books or on the internet but I had one given me as a present from a friend who runs a rare plants garden centre, she and the gardening expert from the collage came on a private visit to my garden and brought a few rare plants as a present, it is about 18"/2ft tall finely cut leaves cant find them at the moment to compare, and a white bell flower with lilac edges, very delicate and very pretty, wait until it flowers see what comes of it.

30 May, 2009


wow ... ive looked at the fat hen weed and that is pretty similar... im really confused though cos I havent planted a wild flower mix, these were definatly from the lobelia packet as the pot its in was the ones i first bought!!

am very excited now as to what it will be and was soon as it flowers will post pics

thanks for the help will keep you posted

x x x

31 May, 2009


Can't wait, Mookins! :-)

31 May, 2009

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