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By Lauraj

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I need some guidance regarding foxgloves. I have had a spectacular load of foxgloves this year which I started from seed last summer. They are turning brown and dying back. What do I do with them now ? Do they come back or do I let them die down and plant out this years foxgloves which are in the greenhouse and thriving ? Thanks in advance.



Assuming that they are biennial and not perennial, they won't come back (although I've never managed to keep perennial ones I've bought). You can leave them if you want them to self-seed or if you want to save ripe seed. I think you can plant out the ones you set last year. I have lots, and they just self-seed and grow outside. Then I either leave them or move them to where I want them.. I'm sure if there is better advice someone will be able to offer it!

11 Jul, 2012


Foxgloves can be a law unto themselves. Because they are biennials ,mostly , after they have flowered that should be it for that plant. But they can break the rules and flower again next year sometimes. Depends on how much space you have ; you may want to remove the finished ones after flowering or after they have seeded but you can also leave them to see what happens. It's up to you.

11 Jul, 2012


My neighbour has loads of self seeders every year, yet they will not grow in my garden!

11 Jul, 2012


I always leave one or two, to go to seed and then scatter them where i want them to grow, by doing so i always get flowers each year, you will find they quickly germinate and form lovely clumps the first year and then the flowers the second year, once flowering is over look carefully at the base on some you will see little shoots which like inverglen says will flower again the following year, cut the old flower stalks down to these shoots and any that have no shoots at the base can be tugged out but remember to leave a couple for seed.

11 Jul, 2012


I have sown no end of foxgloves over the years, from white to pale apricots. but they set seed and invariably revert back to the common one.

12 Jul, 2012

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