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Is this a rock rose plant?

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hi! Don't know if anyone recognises this plant, but it is very pretty, evergreen and now has loads of these pretty pink flowers? Thanks!




Hi, definitely a cistus (I think) possibly grayswood pink. Google it, looks like it to me. Hope this helps.

31 May, 2009


i agree i am pretty sure this is a cistus it is on my wish list lol they are very pretty

31 May, 2009


HI Craftnut,
Yes they are lovely, quite quick to grow/spread, but we've managed to kill ours by pruning it and trying to reposition it (unfortunately it was hogging the best spot in the whole of the big bed, needed for other things). So they either hate hard pruning, or being dug up and moved, or a hard winter, or any combination of those three!!

31 May, 2009


Thanks again everyone!

Weeding, I have noticed how much this has grown in the short time I've had it. I am getting a bit worried as to how big it's getting tho'!! I will definitely have to lightly prune it when it's finished flowering!!

1 Jun, 2009

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