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im interested in growing chrysanthemums not sure of a particular type because i find them amazing and was wondering if you guys could give me any useful info i mught need,thanks in advance



f you go to you will find a fantastic program for beginners .

I ordered a few plants from Woolman's last xmas which eventually arrived and I am following the advice I found on that site.
My interest was to have something worth working at when all the toms etc did not need the greenhouse.
Flowers that are so beautiful when most have died down are worth the effort I think. They last so long !!

1 Jun, 2009


i have a lovely single pink yellow centred single spary chrysanth in the garden. unknown variety but starts flowering in september and had enough for a vase in december. if you want a piece pm me late winter and i'll send you a piece if you want it.

1 Jun, 2009


when you say a piece how do you mean? sorry might seem a stupid question but im clueless at the moment but would love a piece anyways altough you would have to leave me instructions lol,slowly but surely im learning, the dahlias have got me liking chrysanthemums with there dexterity and complexity,my 1 dahlia is doing brilliant but other 5 are a tad behind though my aunty says its quite natural for reds to be out first

1 Jun, 2009


the piece will be a bit i dig up with roots and will have 4/6 shoots so it will give you 4-6 stems with flowers. when it flowers i will post a photo but that will be sept/dec ect... and if you do want some i'll give you instructions so dont worry fg.

1 Jun, 2009


brilliant,thats really nice of you,i have noticed it seems a very friendly place in goy

1 Jun, 2009


and thank you also vera

1 Jun, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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