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Me again lol, have got many question, my parents have got this fern that has been doing good for years but now the older leaves are crisping up on the edges,i know its still living because theres new growth on it thats healthy,its watered well and looked after would any of you know what the problem is, its in the kitchen by the back door (double glazed) do any of you think the door could be amplifying the intensity of the sun resulting in this? thankyou in advance,i dont now if there are different types of fern so wouldnt be able to give you a name, ill try and upload a picture as soon as possible




well ferns bye nature are shade lovers as in there life cycle they contend with the dominant forest canopy ie hardley any light.some dont like being moved even.put it in the shade would be my advice.other ferns naturaly lose there lower /older leaves ie go brown.without seeing it or knowing what type its a hard thing to cure.its like phoning up the doctor and telling him your leg hurts and and hoping for a dyagnoses if you like.not that im a plantsman like doctor bob on here

1 Jun, 2009


thankyou for your info, ill put a picture on as soon as im home to await a better diagnosis

1 Jun, 2009


great stuff

1 Jun, 2009

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