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WHy are my sweetpea flowerheads drooping


By Pablo

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

The plants are very vigorous, lots of big leaves, and are very well watered.......why are the flowerheads drooping???




Hmmmm, I would have said maybe they need watering, but if the soil is moist, then I'm puzzled too?

1 Jun, 2009


Too much sun/heat? Where I am its been unbearabley hot for the past three days and I might have overwatered a lot of my plants thinking they needed more water because of the heat They might need a bit of protection. have you checked for any creepy crawlies as well? I'm not one of the experts but its worth checking. Welcome to GOY!

1 Jun, 2009


!! Mine look like this b4 the Flowers Open rite up :/ i wouldnt worry about them myself CraftN :D

1 Jun, 2009


mine droop like jacque's then they open so nothing to worry about.

1 Jun, 2009


It's fine, Pablo, these are normal and healthy!

6 Jun, 2009

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