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How can you spot the difference between G maderense and G palmatum?

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I have grown for about 6 years what I thought was G maderense. The original plant is about 3' tall but it seeds about happily and all the babies I have potted up have grown on really well and quickly and flowered in the same year I have potted them up. Now I am wondering if in fact it is Geranium palmatum because it has survived outside with no protection, even getting through last winter which was awful. It is in a west facing border in decent soil. The flowers have a slightly darker centre but the stems aren't brown, which I am led to believe they should be.

On plant Geranium maderense



My RHS book tells me that G.maderense takes a while to flower, then dies. Also, it is not hardy in the UK, while G. palmatum can be - in sheltered positions in the South of the UK, and it's evergreen as well. It certainly sounds as though you have G. palmatum there!

1 Jun, 2009


Thank you for taking the trouble to respond. I think you are right, and I had pretty well decided it was G palmatum, especially because I knew or thought I knew that G maderense was monocarpic. What held me back is that I bought it from a very knowledgeable local lady, so couldn't quite believe she would have got it wrong! Thank you again.

2 Jun, 2009

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